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This is t webserver in the onion land TTN you're trying to restore on a 2.0 client, correct? 21:50 < TTN> yes the very one it was created on. 21:51 < TTN> I'm using this one https://download.electrum.org/Electrum-2.0.tar.gz 21:52 < TTN> the wizard crashed before it got the bit before have to verify the seed. I have it all writen down and printed so there is no reason the seed should work just fine. 21:52 < TTN> I'll probably start over again, make a new wallet new seed. but it is a bit concerning when this happens. 21:53 < DarthAndroid> You might want to hang around and wait for ThomasV to show up, he'd be interested in the seed not restoring / the wizard crashing 21:53 < TTN> ok. s

here you can download a bitcoin bootstrap.dat (Blockhei343179 be careful 30 GB)

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